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How to connect rooms without Ethernet cable

A Goofy Movie [Powerline] - Stand Out (w/ Lyrics) Tevin Campbell

A Goofy Movie: Stand Out + Eye to eye

PowerLine - smart indicators in your status bar or anywhere on your screen.

Indicators ready to use: Battery, CPU, Memory, Signal, WiFi, Phone usage, Bedtime alert, Storage, SMS, Missed calls, Network usage and more...

Better than a widget! Always visible, even on the lock screen.

- Any number of indicators at the same time on screen
- Auto-hide in fullscreen
- Material design
- Simplicity

FREE version with two indicators, more indicators with the PRO version.

- material color picker and fixes in color picking
- new less intrusive re-introduced charging animation
- configurable look: plain / gradient / segments
- volume indicators: ringer, music
- fix for inverse values in bedtime and alarm indicator
- fixes for "Phone addict" aka Phone use indicator, reverse order of line rendering..
2.5 & 2.4
- material design
- new indicators: phone usage, bedtime, alarm
- indicator history chart
- auto-hide with status bar working for new devices